Turn to PDMI for Med D relief.

Medicare Part D is a giant headache without a pharmacy benefit partner who provides unwavering accuracy and exceptional service. PDMI simplifies your life with the expertise, systems, tools and resources to implement and precisely manage the complexities of today's—and tomorrow's—Med D programs. We also have the people with the will and the skills to get Med D right, the first time and every time.

What We Do How We Do It

Custom technology solutions—We base our solutions on your business needs, so we've built virtually infinite flexibility into our proprietary systems.

Flexible plan designs—Our technology makes it simple to match your design requirements now and in the future. Our HPMS file submission support for formulary and plan-finder files is unmatched.

Instant access to all of your data—You own it, and you can get at it whenever you want. Standardized, customized and ad hoc formatting means  comprehensive and effective analysis of performance data and CMS reporting.

Coordination of benefits/TrOOP—Easily identify OHI. From FIR transactions to Retro LICS adjustments, PDMI's TrOOP accounting is always accurate to the penny.

Medication therapy management—Maximum flexibility for designing and maintaining creative therapy programs; simplified execution of your medication therapy strategies.

Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) solution—As the Retiree Drug Subsidy loses its appeal, PDMI has implemented a unique and sophisticated system logic that ensures employer groups can maximize the pricing capabilities of the EGWP alternative program throughout every phase of the benefit plan.

Unmatched clarity in pricing—For CMS reporting requirements, our genuine pass-through pricing approach provides the industry’s “gold standard,” with no additional fee payment calculations. We have the cleanest contracts in the industry.

Seamless conversion—Fully documented yet flexible to your needs; carefully designed for minimal member disruption and strain on your staff.

Dedicated, accountable team—Your account manager has the autonomy to act quickly to resolve your issues.

Discover how really painless an effective Med D program can be when it's done right.

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