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We Transform Your Business Needs Into Creative Solutions.

How we're different.

For almost 30 years, PDMI's approach has been to first listen and make sure we understand your business strategies, collaborate with you to create a custom solution that specifically supports your objectives; then deliver it with independent guidance, technical excellence, clarity in pricing and a relentless passion for exceptional service.

We build our systems in-house.

We know your needs will differ from the needs of other clients, so we incorporate flexibility into our technology from the ground up. That way, if any of your service components require modifications in the future, it won't require a massive effort or disruption on your part; we can implement changes quickly and seamlessly, usually with just a phone call.

Our culture makes your job easier.

We hire smart, passionate problem solvers, and they stay with us—our turnover is exceptionally low, which means continuity for you. Eighty percent of our staff are from pharmacy or IT backgrounds. Our call center agents are, at minimum, pharmacy technicians. Creativity, flexibility, integrity, teamwork and family define what it means to work at PDMI—and our clients reap the rewards. 

It's always been about the client.

PDMI is a privately held Ohio corporation, which lets us put the interests of clients and the populations they serve ahead of shareholder concerns. We're independent and not financially invested in any drug manufacturing, retail  or mail-order pharmacies.